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Hard Drive Replacement

We can supply and fit all types of hard drives into all kinds of equipment

Haslam IT can replace or upgrade the hard drive in most equipment. Whether your existing hard drive has failed or whether you just need a larger or faster drive we can quickly replace the hard drive in your PC, laptop, Mac or games console. We keep a large stock of hard drives so chances are we can fit a replacement drive on the day that you call.

Why not consider upgrading to an SSD?

A few examples of solid state drives

A solid state drive (SSD) has no moving parts and therefore runs much faster than a traditional spinning disk. We can fit all kinds of SSD into all kinds of equipment. There are several types of SSD starting with a standard SATA interface in a 2.5" form factor to the latest NVMe drives that connect over the PCIe bus giving lightning fast performance. To use an NVMe drive, you will need a dedicated slot on your existing motherboard but if you are not sure of what type of drive you need, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

See more information about SSDs.

Games Console Upgrades

XBox and Sony Playstation logos

Whether the hard drive has failed or you are running out of space and need a larger drive to store all of your games, we can replace the hard drive in your Sony PlayStation or Microsoft X-Box.

If you are just looking to increase storage capacity, we can copy all of your existing games from the original hard disk to a larger drive.