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New and Custom-built PCs

Custom built PCs

Haslam IT can supply "off the shelf" PCs or laptops and help you decide on the model and specification  to meet your exact requirements and budget. We will load the operating system (if necessary) and ensure that the machine is correctly set up and that all of the latest drivers and patches are applied. We will install any software that you need to use and take the stress out of purchasing and setting up a new machine.

We normally supply Dell or HP machines but if you would prefer to use a different manufacturer, that is no problem.

If you prefer, we can build a custom-made machine to your exact specifications.

We can help you choose:

  • PC Case
  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Graphics Card
  • Hard Disk (standard or SSD)
  • Choose your operating system
  • Display
  • Peripherals

Refurbished PCs and Laptops

Refurbished laptop

If you are on a budget, we can supply refurbished PCs and laptops. These have been fully tested and the system have been totally wiped and a new operating system installed.

You can often save hundreds of pounds by choosing a refurbished system and you are doing your bit to ensure old kit does not end up in landfill. Our refurbished items are typically around three years old and these will come with a full 12 month warranty. The newer systems are in perfect condition and are a great way of saving money. If you only need a very basic system, we can occasionally offer older systems but these would have a shorter warranty and may have cosmetic damage but we test all systems we supply to ensure that they are in full working order.

Advantages of a refurbished system:

  • Often as good as a new machine at a fraction of the price
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Fully tested and comes with a warranty
  • We can supply any operating e.g. Windows 10, Win 11 or Ubuntu
  • We generally carry Refurbished Dell laptops in stock
    But we can source other brands if required.
  • Apple products can be supplied but these are sourced to order.


Why Buy a PC from Us ?

  • We can provide standard or custom-built PCs
  • We offer new or refurbished PCs to suit all budgets
  • We provide friendly & reliable advice
  • You choose which operating system you would like to use
  • Our systems are competitively priced
  • Systems include 12 months warranty
  • We will deliver and install at no extra cost
  • We can provide on-going support

We accept all major forms of payment

We accept all major forms of Payment

We accept all major forms of payment including credit & debit cards, cash, cheque, bank-transfer, PayPal etc.