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Is your PC or laptop running Slowly?

Slow PC sign

If your machine is running slowly this could mean something is hogging resources or it could simply be that the machine is overheating due to an accumulation of dirt and debris or a faulty fan. If air intakes become blocked by too much dust or thermal paste dries out, heat will not be adequately expelled from your system and overheating will result. Processors generate more heat, the faster they run - modern processors will throttle performance if they become too hot! The first signs of overheating are your system will slow down, but if the overheating becomes too severe, this will effect the stability of the system and you may see blue screen error messages or the system can randomly shut down completely.

Poorly written software, a faulty hardware driver or an infection by a virus or other type of malware can result in programs hogging resources e.g. using too many CPU cycles, using too much memory, hard disk or network bandwidth.

If you have a traditional hard disk it could be that the file system has become heavily fragmented - though this is less of a problem with modern systems.

A corrupt registry or other operating system issues can also result in slow performance or it might simply be that you have too many programs set to start automatically for the amount of RAM installed in the system.

To Summarise: Slow Performance can be caused by:-

  • Overheating due to accumulation of debris / dried out thermal paste or a faulty fan
  • Rogue programs hogging resources
  • Virus infection or other Malware
  • Faulty device driver
  • Fragmented hard disk
  • Registry corruption
  • Corrupted operating system
  • Too many programs set to automatically start
  • Lack of memory

Top tip:

The best way to improve performance of an older computer (desktop or laptop) is to fit an SSD (solid-state drive).

Don't Worry. We can help

We will fully analyse your system and find the root cause of any performance degradation and take appropriate remedial action.

  • We will thoroughly strip down your system, clean away any dirt and debris and re-apply thermal paste
  • We will check for any programs that may be hogging system resources
  • We will ensure that your system is up to date with latest patches and drivers
  • We will scan your machine for all types of viruses and malware using a number of different scanners
  • We can fully wipe the system and re-install the operating system if necessary
  • We can analyse ALL programs that are set to start automatically and prevent any unnecessary programs from starting
    (you may be surprised at all the programs that automatically start every time you turn your computer on)
  • We will ensure that your system has adequate RAM and can fit extra memory if necessary
  • We will ensure that your hard disk is not fragmented
  • For best results, we can replace your hard disk with an SSD (solid state drive). These drives have no moving parts and operate much faster than traditional (spinning) hard disks
  • We provide a free collection & return of your computer in the Worcestershire area or you can send in via courier if you live further away
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