File & Data Recovery

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Basic Data Recovery from £40

Standard Data Recovery just £150

Advanced Data Recovery from £300


Basic File Recovery

Basic file recovery consists of removing the drive from your system and mounting in another computer. Often the drive can be read immediately or recovery software may need to be used, but with this method, we will normally recover your files the same day. The cost for this service is just £40. This service is only suitable if there is no physical damage to your drive.

Standard File Recovery

With this method, we will send your drive away to our specialist data recovery partner. Turn-around time is normally four to five working days. There is a fixed fee of £150 for this service if data recovery is successful. On some occasions (where there is physical damage to the drive) it may be necessary to change the heads on the drive or dismantle the drive in a clean-room environment. If this is the case, you will need our advanced level service. We will contact you to advise if an advanced service is required. If you decide not to go ahead with the advanced level service or in the unlikely event that we are unable to recover your data, you will just pay £20 if you want your drive returned. If you do not need your drive returned, we will securely destroy your drive(s) and you will incur no cost.

Advanced Data Recovery

Our advanced service is required where there is physical damage to your drive that requires micro-soldering, drive head replacement or dismantle in a clean-room environment. We will always notify you before completing this service and you will only pay if you wish to proceed and we are able to recover your data. If you decide not to proceed, we can either return your drive(s) for a fee of £20 or we can securely destroy your drive in which case there is no fee.

Our advanced level service costs from £300 to £400 depending on the complexity of the job and whether clean-room services are required. The turn-around time for this service is normally five to ten working days but we will keep you updated on progress.