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Windows File Recovery

If you lose your important files, don't panic. Call Haslam IT

Don't Panic: Let us help

If you have lost important files or data the first thing to do is to turn off your computer to improve the chances of the file(s) being recovered and then call us on01905 371289.

When files are deleted or the disk is formatted, generally the space that the file(s) previously occupied is marked as "available" to the operating system and the entries to the files are removed from the master index but the file is not actually deleted.

Depending upon the amount of free space on the hard drive (or other media) the actual files may be over-written if you continue to use your computer making data recovery much more difficult. If the system is powered off immediately there is a very high chance that the file can be quickly recovered. We will remove the disk from your system and read files from our laptop, using our data recovery software to maximise the chances of successful file recovery*.

Costs range from £20 - £60 depending upon the number of files recovered and time taken.