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Worcester IT Training & Tuition

IT Training courses

Whether you are a complete technophobe or simply feel that you would like to get more from your computer systems, we can help.

  • Got a new PC or laptop and not sure where to start ?
  • Want to get more out of the Internet ?
  • Want to improve your productivity with Microsoft Word ?
  • Want to use some of the more advanced features of Excel ?
  • Feel you could do more with your iPad ?
  • Need help with security ?

If you are struggling with any of the above, please get in touch and we can provide personal tuition at a pace to suit you.

We will come to your home, office or any location of your choice within 25 miles of Worcester. See map of the area we cover.

We provide personal, one-to-one training on a wide range of IT subjects. Our courses are specifically tailored to your exact requirements at a pace to suit you. We can provide training at a location of your choice (e.g. at your home or office) or you are welcome to come to us. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced user, we can provide computer lessons that are suitable for all abilities.

Popular IT Training Courses

Some of our more popular IT training Courses are listed below, but if you are interested in training on a topic not included, please give us a call on 01905 371289 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements. Topics listed below are only examples. We will put together a course based on your own, unique requirements.

Microsoft Word Training

Microsoft Word Logo

Microsoft Word is the Word processing part of Microsoft Office and has seen quite a few enhancements since it was first launched way back in 1988. Microsoft Word is arguably the most popular Word processing package around today and is used in many homes and businesses.

Whether you are a complete novice or have been using Microsoft Word for many years, we can provide a personalised training course to cover your exact needs.

Beginner Topics Include:

  • character formatting
  • formatting paragraphs
  • spell checking
  • moving & copying blocks of text
  • bullet points
  • working with tables
  • headers & footers
  • using images & clipart
  • printing documents
  • organising your files

Advanced Topics Include:

  • mail merge
  • advanced formatting techniques
  • working with styles
  • creating content tables & indexes
  • cross referencing
  • envelopes & labels
  • tracking changes
  • smartArt
  • equation editor
  • advanced field codes
  • macros

Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel Logo

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet part of Microsoft Office. It is probably the most popular spreadsheet package in use today.

Whether you are using MS Excel for the first time, or would like to get to grips with some of the more advanced features, we will put together a course to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

Beginner Topics Include:

  • what is a spreadsheet
    and how is it used ?
  • basic formatting
  • simple formulas
  • absolute and relative addressing
  • sorting & filtering Data
  • pivot tables
  • creating charts
  • headers & footers
  • printing spreadsheets

Advanced Topics Include:

  • advanced functions & formulas
  • conditional formatting
  • highlighting & removing duplicate values
  • data validation
  • what-if analysis
  • protecting documents
  • macros

Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Microsoft PowerPoint Logo

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation application in use today.

Whether you are creating your first PowerPoint presentation or would like to get more from the application, we can help put together a course that will be ideal for you.

Topics Include:

  • creating your first slide
  • re-ordering the slides in your presentation
  • spell checking
  • transition effects
  • adding animations
  • automated-slides
  • using themes
  • handouts
  • packaging presentations e.g. for viewing on CD

iPad Training Courses

iPad Training

The iPad is an extremely popular tablet device, which is not surprising as it is ideal for browsing the Internet, viewing photos and has literally thousands of apps for performing all kinds of tasks.

We will show you how to get the best from your iPad at a pace to suit you.

Topics Include:

  • initial set-up
  • basic controls
  • understanding your Apple ID
  • managing your photos
  • using Siri
  • installing and arranging Apps
  • managing settings
  • copying files to a PC or MAC
  • printing

Online Security Courses

online security training

The Internet offers access to an almost limitless source of information and allows us to keep in touch with friends and family, but it also exposes us to threats from viruses and Malware. We will show you how to get the best from the Internet whilst staying safe in an online world.

Topics Include:

  • online security
  • protecting against viruses & Malware
  • recognising the signs of a phishing email
  • social engineering
  • user access control
  • elevation privileges
  • understanding cookies
  • managing passwords
  • patch management
  • backups & image files
  • system restore

Everyone learns at their own pace and we feel people learn best if they take their own notes, but if you would like us to put some course notes together for you, we will be happy to do so.

We normally carry out training on a one-to-one basis but can accommodate small groups up to a maximum of ten people. By keeping the groups small, we feel you get better attention and we can tailor the course to your exact requirements and pace of learning.

We will carry out training in a relaxed environment at your home or office or we can arrange an alternative venue if you prefer.

Our prices are extremely competitive, at just £45 per hour per person.

We can provide training & tuition on a wide range of IT topics and cover complete beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Areas We Cover

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We generally cover an area within a 25 mile radius of Worcester (as shown by the outer circle). We provide free callouts within the inner circle.

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