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Website Optimisation

It is often said with website design that "content is king". If this is true then "speed is Queen".

In today's world, speed is more and more important. Not only is this one of the 200+ factors used by Google when ranking websites, but if your site suffers from slow load times, then users will simply abandon it and go elsewhere.

Here are some of the factors we consider when building a website:

  • Ensure that your site uses GZIP compression
  • Ensure Images are optimised:
    • Make sure that the image is an appropriate size and is sensibly cropped
    • Ensure that images are compressed
    • Consider using vector graphics where appropriate
    • consider using sprites to reduce number of http requests
    • use "lazy loads"
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript files into as few files as possible
  • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript files
  • Avoid landing page re-directs
  • Ensure caching control is correctly enabled on the WEB server
  • Consider using a CDN (content delivery network), especially if you have a global audience

If you need help in speeding up your website get in touch and we will make it as fast as Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt