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Tablets and iPad Screen Repair

Tablet & Ipad Screen Repair

We can repair cracked or damaged screens on most tablet devices including all models of Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface Pro. With most tablets, the screen is held in place with adhesive. This needs to be gently heated to loosen the adhesive and can be quite time consuming to safely remove the old screen. We therefore would carry out these repairs in our own workshop but normally will have your device returned back to you the same day. Please provide the exact model number of your iPad when contacting us - this can be found on the back of your iPad as shown below. The text is very small - you may need to use a magnifying glass or your smart phone to be able to read the text.

If you find the text too difficult to read, we can find the model number by looking up the serial number - you can obtain this from the ipad's settings screen.

Finding you iPad's model and serial number

Your iPad's model and serial numbers can be obtained from the back (in very small text)

Finding the model number from the back of your iPad

Obtaining your iPad's Serial Number from settings

If you find the text on the back of your iPad too small to read. We can determine the model number from your serial number. As well as being written on the back of your iPad, this can also be obtained from your iPad's settings as shown below:

Select Settings > General > about

Obtaining serial number from iPad settings

The model number displayed from settings (starting with an M) is only used as a sales number by Apple - only the model number starting with an A (shown on the back of your iPad) is useful in identifying the product - you can rely on Apple to cause confusion!

Thankfully, if you provide us with the serial number we are able to look up the model number.


ipad mini £45
iPad 2: £50
iPad 3/4: £60
ipad 5 £55
ipad Air: £50
ipad Air 2* £240
Surface Pro: £160
Other: Call for pricing

These are typical prices, but the final price will be dependent upon the amount of damage to the existing screen. If the iPad has been severely damaged, it takes longer to remove the existing glass. If the corners of the ipad frame have been dented these may need re-shaping to ensure that the replacement glass fits correctly which adds to the time taken to complete the repair.

The above prices assume that only the glass digitiser needs replacing (this is usually the case with most repairs) - if the LCD screen also needs replacing, this will add to the cost of repair.

*iPad Air 2 repairs are considerably more expensive than most iPads because with this model, the digitiser is bonded to the LCD and the whole assembly needs to be replaced.

Five star rating on TrustPilot:

Five star rating on TrustPilot

iPad Model Numbers

Some of the more common iPad model numbers are given below:

Model Number Description
A3195 iPad 2
A1416 iPad 3
A1458 iPad 4
A1822 iPad 5
A1432 iPad mini
A1489 iPad mini 2
A1599 iPad mini 3
A1538 iPad mini 4
A1474 iPad Air
A1566 iPad Air 2
A1584 iPad Pro (12.9")
A1673 iPad Pro (9.7")
A1701 iPad Pro (10.5")
A1670 iPad Pro 12.9"
2nd Generation

You can find more assistance in identifying your model of iPad from Apple's Website.

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