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Apple iPad Repair

We can carry out a wide range of repairs to Apple iPads, such as:

Please contact us if you would like a quote for any type of repair, providing as much information as possible.

We will need the exact model number and preferably the serial number of your iPad.

Finding you iPad's model and serial number

Your iPad's model and serial numbers can be obtained from the back (in very small text)

Finding the model number from the back of your iPad

Obtaining your iPad's Serial Number from settings

If you find the text on the back of your iPad too small to read. We can determine the model number from your serial number. As well as being written on the back of your iPad, this can also be obtained from your iPad's settings as shown below:

Select Settings > General > about

Obtaining serial number from iPad settings

The model number displayed from settings (starting with an M) is only used as a sales number by Apple - only the model number starting with an A (shown on the back of your iPad) is useful for identification purposes

Thankfully, if you provide us with the serial number we are able to look up the model number.

iPad Battery Replacement

iPad Battery Replacement

An iPad battery will start to deteriorate after about 500 charge cycles - for most people, this equate to between 3 and 5 years. Unfortunately, replacing the battery in most iPads is not an easy task. Firstly, the glass digitiser and LCD screen need to be removed. For most iPad models, to safely remove the battery, the logic board also needs to be removed, which involves completely disassembling the iPad. The battery is glued in place so safe removal can be quite tricky - lithium ion batteries pose a risk of exploding or catching fire if they are damaged. We would advise against trying this repair yourself!

We can replace most iPad batteries for around £80. We don't generally keep these batteries in stock but order as required. Due to restrictions in transporting Lithium ion batteries it can take about a week for them to arrive.

iPad Camera Replacement

ipad front and rear camera replacement

We can replace the front facing or rear facing camera in most ipads. As with most iPad repairs, the first step is removing the front glass, which is quite time consuming. Call us with detail of your iPad and we will be able to advise on availability of parts and give you a fixed price for repair.

iPad Speaker Replacement

iPad speaker replacement

If the speakers in your ipad have stopped working or are giving poor sound quality we can replace them. However, no sound can also be caused by other issues including damaged ribbon cables or a fault on the logic board. If you are having problems with sound, give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through all the options.

iPad Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

iPad WiFi Antenna

If your iPad has a poor Wi-Fi signal and is struggling to connect to your Wi-Fi network, it may be a problem with the Wi-Fi antennas. However, there may also be a fault with the Wi-Fi circuitry on your logic board. We do NOT offer board -level repair services, but we can replace the Wi-Fi antennas or replace the logic board if required. Give us a call and we can give you more information.

iPad Logic Board Replacement

iPad Logic Board

If there is a severe problem with your iPad, we can replace the logic board. However, this is an extreme option and can be quite expensive. Under normal circumstances, your iPad backs up all data and settings to iCloud when it is connected to the Internet. As long as you know your Apple ID credentials, we can restore your data after the logic board is replaced. Call us to discuss in more detail.