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Order Entry System for SMEs

Our order entry system has been specifically designed to handle the needs of small businesses and SMEs.

Every aspect of processing your customers' orders is handled, including:

  • Maintaining customer and supplier address databases
  • Rich text editor can be used for customer notes
  • Multiple delivery addresses can be used
  • Stock control is automatically handled
  • Add your own list of sundry costs to products
  • When raising customer orders, items can be selected by product code or description.
  • Running totals are automatically updated
  • Order acknowledgements are raised at the click of a button
  • Packing lists are automatically produced
  • Shipment documents are automatically produced
  • Partial shipments are handled showing amount to follow automatically
  • Suppliers' orders are easily created and integrate with stock control
  • System is very intuitive and very little training is required.
  • System can be viewed from a standard web browser.
  • System can be hosted on your own servers or in the cloud
  • Screens are optimised to display on tablet or mobile devices
  • System can be fully customised to your exact requirements
Plot the location of your customers and suppliers
Locations of customers / suppliers can be plotted.
Zone areas of any distance can be plotted around a customer.

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Order Entry Screen

Customer Record Screen
A Rich text editor can be used for storing customer notes
Stock control
Stock control is automatically taken care of.
Stock is automatically decremented as customer orders are raised and incremented as supplier orders are marked as received.
Alerts are produced if stock falls below re-order level or there is insufficient raw materials in stock to fulfil the order.
Order Acknowledgement
When an order has been completed, an order acknowledgement (in PDF format) is raised at the click of a button
This can automatically be e-mailed to the customer if the e-mail module is purchased.
Customer Order
A fully functional calendar can be used when ever dates need to be entered.
Net Prices and grand totals are calculated and updated as the order is entered.
Shipment Screen
The system keeps track of the amounts previously shipped for each order number and will prevent entering amounts to be shipped that are greater than the amount outstanding.
A delivery note is the produced in PDF format.
Optimised for mobile phone Optimised for mobile phone

System adapts to any device including tablets and mobile phones.

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