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Networking and Broadband

Whether you are looking to install your first network, need help expanding an existing network or just need help with troubleshooting issues, you have come to the right place.

We can help with:

  • network installations (wired & wireless)
  • setup network printers*
  • troubleshooting Internet & broadband connectivity problems
  • expanding existing networks
  • tips on improving performance
  • home and business customers supported

*It is most common for modern printers to support wireless printing, but it is often possible to connect any printer to an existing network (both wired and wireless) with the right knowledge and equipment.

Network cabling

Home Networking

Many homes now have more that one computer, not to mention tablets and mobile devices. It is common to want to share information and devices such as printers.

However, most homes do not have an IT expert and getting all devices to "talk" to each other or share a printer can be a challenge.

If you have problems connecting to the Internet, it can be quite stressful diagnosing the problem and knowing who you need to talk to.

Don't struggle - talk to us and we will quickly solve any problems that you may experience.

We can help:

  • set up devices
  • diagnose connection problems
  • liaise with your service providers
  • extend your network coverage
Wifi Extender

Office Networking

We can help setup and troubleshoot all sizes of network. Whether you are experiencing performance issues, need to expand an existing network or re-locate network points, we can help.

  • network installations (wired and wireless)
  • network point re-locations
  • troubleshooting performance / reliability problems
  • server installations
  • NAS (network attached storage) setup
Nework cabling